How to win at Scrabble


Scrabble is an age old game liked by people from 5-100 years old. It makes you

  • Smarter — because you are constantly jumbling and experimenting with letters to find the right combination for maximum points
  • Wiser — because along with the discovery of new words, you can learn the meanings and the inner context. This builds your vocabulary and if you are lucky, will broaden your understanding of life (feelings, emotions, objects, nature, etc). I personally feel that I have gained much by learning new words.
  • Resourceful — If you are personally preparing for any tests such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc , Scrabble is really a great way to build up your vocabulary in a playful, yet quick way.
  • Competitive — As and when the skill level of the opponents go up, it gets your competitive juices flowing to figure out the best choice of words to maximize your score.

There are different versions of Scrabble available

Each of them may differ slightly in the way they award points. Personally, I find both of the apps a good source of mental stimulation. There are also chances of meeting new people and it makes for an entertaining match especially when your opponent trash talks you 🙂

If you are a purist and want to rely entirely on your brain power to come up with words, this chat post is not for you. I used to one of those. But, over a period of time, my vocabulary did not make enough strides and then I realized technology has come to an extent where it can aid humans in becoming better scrabblers. A runner uses specially made shoes, a basket ball player uses analytics, so why not use technology to get better at your game. I am listing a few sites that will help you gain an upper hand and improve your vocabulary by leaps and bounds.

  • Scrabble Word Finder — By far, my favorite site. Put in a string of letters and it churns out all the combinations of words. I use it when I play a high quality opponent. Very reliable.
  • Word Finder — Another site that helps in unscrambling words.
  • Free Dictionary — I go here when I want specific combinations of words in which I know the suffix or prefix upfront.
  • Merriam Webster Dictionary — Last, but not the least, the best single source to enhance our understanding of everything that life has to offer.

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