Day 2 of 30 Day Meditation Challenge

It was a wonderful 2nd day of the Challenge.  A challenge is supposed to have an aggressive connotation but my challenge is to calm down myself. Whenever I did meditation for stretches of time in the past, I used to notice a new awareness in the things and people around me. I also become more conscious about my actions/emotions whenever I meditate. Meditation is like a wonder drug that opens up things that are not noticeable to a restless mind.

I work at a place that provides meditation rooms on every floor. I feel blessed to be working for such a company that values mindfulness. I sat down for 30 minutes in a cross-legged position on a cushion like Pure Life Meditation Cushion – Tibetan Seat (Black)” and leaning on the wall with the spine straight. I settled into the position and consistent breathing pattern within 2 minutes or so and the stream of thoughts started flowing in.  I heard about a colleague leaving for a new role before entering the meditation room and weirdly I could not recollect the colleague’s name. For the first 5 minutes of my meditation, the more I tried to focus between the eye brows, the more I got distracted trying to recollect my colleague’s name. However, instead of resisting, I let the thoughts pass through and finally I settled into a good rhythm. On day 1, I slept for few minutes during meditation but today was better. I was conscious and aware and there were brief moments of thoughtlessness. That was a good source of encouragement.

People, who are starting new or after a long time of no practice, notice different emotions and bodily sensations, that they are not used to, during meditation. I was experiencing twitching and sudden jerks as if electric shock  passed through my veins. Even though, I have come to expect it, I also researched online about it and found this wonderful Deepak Chopra’s site

I am encouraged by my progress so far and am looking forward to my day 3. See you later.

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