Day 17 of 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Many people are alive but don’t touch the miracle of being alive. – Thích Nhất Hạnh

NO MUD, NO LOTUS: The Art of Transforming Suffering
My sessions are getting smoother. So far, I was not able to articulate the exact difference between now and the time before I started the challenge. When someone asked me about the change today, I had to contemplate on it for a bit. I realized that previously I used to be impulsive / reactive. Now,  for any external stimulus that comes my way, I tend to think for a second or two and respond only after deliberation. There are times when I am playful but I am careful with my responses.

If I have to pinpoint to one major bye-product of meditation, it has to be a new level of insight into human communication. You can read between the lines to parse what humans say to understand what they actually meant. It is quite difficult to face reality that way sometimes but I would much rather know what place they are coming from than not.

I had a good 30 minute session earlier in the day where I went really deep into the session. My head would receive a sudden jolt whenever I was getting into deeper state  and I had to research today. It seems to be a pretty common occurrence  signifying a release of stuck energy in the body. At this point, I am not too concerned as I was only curious on why it happens to me.

Today’s tip : If you are suffering from procrastination, here is a great article listing out correlation between mindfulness and persistence at something

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