Day 20,21,22 of 30 Day Meditation Challenge

I have faced adversity and realized that this is the toughest stretch of my challenge. It seems that I am being tested. I want to keep with this no matter what. Today has been particularly bad. However, I believe all challenges are useful for our growth. Every change includes a challenge and how we respond to it. I am realizing that meditation is keeping me saner in this tumultuous time.

Day 20 :  Sat for a 30 minute meditation but slept after about 25 minutes. Too many thoughts and too tired. Typically, this is usually the time throughout my life when I fall off the rails.

Couldn’t meditate on the next day ( was supposed to be Day 21). I had a sinking feeling that I am losing control. A rush of emotions. However, when I look back and rationalize, I just needed to plan better and get done with meditation at the earliest opportunity instead of waiting for the perfect one.

Day 21 : Forced myself to sit through 30 minutes at the very end of the night (almost 12 o clock). This is when I believe I persisted. In other times, I would have just given up. A stream of thoughts and mostly negative possibilities appear in mind. I guess I am predisposed to be skeptical and pessimistic. It takes a lot of conscious effort to get through this. Though, over the course of last few months, I have turned more optimistic, this is my testing time. Time to be win over the negativity.

Day 22 : Personally, this was my toughest day in terms of personal/professional challenges.  Did two sessions of 30 minutes today and my mind has been giving me insights on how to tackle the challenges. I am faking positivity and forcing my mind to be alert.  This is not the time to give up on anything in life. Instead, this is the time to put in that much more effort and persist. I got to persevere and thrive.

On that note, I will have a great day tomorrow.

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