Day 23 of 30 Day Meditation Challenge

I have experienced and wrote about slight shakes in my face during meditation. Today, for the first time, I experienced  tremors in my belly and spread up to the face. Anything I have touched in the last few days has turned into a failure. However, there is a silver lining to it. I am looking at my deficiencies (sometimes, they are exposed as insights while in meditation) and improving them one at a time. Adversity is forcing me to be more buttoned up and research into new realms that I have not explored before.

Meditation is really helping me stay even keel in the midst of trying situations. And, I have inspired at least one more friend enough that he started meditation. He started off with guided meditation and it would be good to see him experience positive changes.

Today’s tip : Your happiness is a choice and it is derived from your inside. No amount of external situations should change you from being happy to something else. Being happy in the midst of turmoil is a gift that keeps giving.

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