Day 28 of 30 Day Meditation Challenge

It was an up and down day for meditation. I sat in the room at office but had a tough time keeping my eyes closed. The room was not entirely dark in spite of me turning off the light. And while I was meditating, someone walked into the room forcefully. Its hard to spend energy on closing eyes and also meditate. However, I did have extended periods of thoughtlessness. When people recommend complete darkness and loose clothes for meditation, I used to be skeptical about it. I realized today that , that recommendation is valid in some cases.

Yesterday, I picked up the book Genuine Happiness: Meditation as the Path to Fulfillment after a long while. I never got a chance to read beyond 2nd chapter as it suggests that we have to master each chapter before we can reach the next level. Having meditated for the past month, I felt ready for 3rd and 4th chapter. I tried to imagine an energy sphere at the crown of my head and imagine it moving it over entire body. But it is really tough. I am going to try and learn that technique over the next month or so. I would highly recommend the book as I gained a lot of beginner’s and amateur level knowledge of the technique from that book.

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