Day 30 of 30 Day Meditation Challenge

Hooray!! I am finally at the finish line for my challenge. However, I am more motivated than ever to keep up this habit for the rest of my life. I am not going to jinx it and take it one step at a time.

It was an anti-climactic end to the 30 day challenge. I had a good session today and felt happy as soon as I completed the final day’s session. I started out on this journey with the lofty goal of meditating everyday without skipping in between. I could not reach that but nevertheless, I am very happy to have gained so much through this experience.

I am a much calmer person , am able to identify situations and my response to them has changed. When it comes to eating, I am able to differentiate between food cravings and emotional cravings. I do have a long way to go but I feel encouraged by each step I take toward that direction. I learned to be gentle with myself in the face of any mishaps.

I will continue blogging about my experiences with Meditation and I highly encourage others to give it a try to 30-day challenge to make yourself comfortable with a habit.


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